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 View Image #130-01209Pulmonary Embolism#130-01209 
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Accurate depiction of the formation and movement of post-operative pulmonary emboli from the left knee through the heart and ...

 View Image #182-036Pulmonary Embolism#182-036 
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Dynamic perspective focusing on emboli blocking pulmonary vessels. Bronchioles, alveoli and heart are included in surrounding...

 View Image #130-07854Pulmonary Embolism#130-07854 
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Mechanism of Pulmonary Embolism May be customized by editing labels, or by combining artwork with graphics from our 15,000 im...

 View Image #130-01039Pulmonary Embolism#130-01039 
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Pulmonary Embolism (Blood Clot) with Placement of Greenfield Filter. The subsequent series of graphics show how a Greenfield ...

 View Image #121-069Pulmonary Embolism#121-069 
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Scan of pulmonary embolism shown next to heart.

 View Image #130-09704Pulmonary Embolism#130-09704 
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Depicts the formation of a deep vein thrombosus, pulmonary embolism (blood clots), and the placement of a Greenfield Filter. ...

 View Image #130-09691Pulmonary Embolism#130-09691 
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A blood clot, or embolism, can form in the lower leg from long periods of sitting or from post-operative recuperation. This e...

 View Image #130-00958Pulmonary Embolism Resulting from Post-Operative Blood Clot#130-00958 
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Movement of post-operative pulmonary embolism (blood clots) from a surgical site in the left posterior knee, and moving throu...

 View Image #175-018Pulmonary Embolism, left lung#175-018 
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View from the left within the lung of pulmonary embolism, blood clot

 View Image #182-058Pulmonary Hypertension#182-058 
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Heart and pulmonary vessels in background with pulmonary artery highlighted in exaggerated perspective. Arterial wall and lum...

 View Image #182-083Pulmonary Hypertension / Deadly Threat#182-083 
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The words 'A Deadly Threat' are spelled out using pulmonary vessels. Man with heart and lungs rendered as drawing on textured...

 View Image #114-096Pulmonary Stent#114-096 
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Stent used to maintain airway in patients with tracheal or bronchial tumors.

 View Image #111-106Pulmonary Thromboembolism#111-106 
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Close-up of pulmonary artery and portion of heart and lungs, with large thrombus (clot) in pulmonary artery. Commercial reque...
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