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 View Image #130N-332Heart Surgery - Coronary Angioplasty Animation#130N-332 
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This 3D medical animation depicts a coronary artery blockage confirmed by angiogram test, followed by a balloon angioplasty a...

 View Image #130N-314Heart Surgery - Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)#130N-314 
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This medical animation shows a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedure used to combat coronary artery disease. Beginnin...

 View Image #130N-326Heart Surgery- Coronary Artery Angiography Animation#130N-326 
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This 3D medical animation depicts a coronary angiography procedure. It begins by showing the buildup of plaque in an artery w...

 View Image #118-023Heart Transplant#118-023 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
The heart transplant patient is placed on a cardiopulmonary bypass, or heart lung, machine. This machine takes over the task ...

 View Image #210-003Heart -Transplant#210-003 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
3D Animation showing a simplified view of a heart transplant

 View Image #125-068Heart Transplant - Editorial#125-068 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Editorial illustration of a jig saw puzzle of a male torso. Unhealthy heart being replaced with healthy heart.

 View Image #118-029Heart Transplant Completed#118-029 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Heart Transplant Completed: When the donor's heart is completely attached, the patient's blood is allowed to flow through the...

 View Image #118-025Heart Transplant, Donor Heart#118-025 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Heart Transplant, Donor Heart: First of a series of heart transplant illustrations available for licensing, please call for...

 View Image #118-024Heart Transplant, Heart Removal#118-024 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Heart Transplant, Heart Removal: The blood vessels leading to and away from the heart are cut in preparation for placement of...

 View Image #135-080Heart Transplant-Donor heart in Recipient chest#135-080 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Donor heart being sutured into recipient's chest where diseased heart was removed. Right atria and superior vena cava (SVC) o...

 View Image #294-023Heart Ultrasound Imaging#294-023 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
This illustration depicts a technique for acquiring an ultrasound image of the heart and displays the resulting ultrasound vi...

 View Image #306-021Heart Valve- Tricuspid-Conceptual#306-021 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Conceptual illustration of the heart showing the tricuspid valve, papillary muscles, and firing purkinje fibers seen from wit...

 View Image #294-034Heart Valves#294-034 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
This illustration depicts the valves of the heart. Labels and arrows may be removed upon request. This title is available ...

 View Image #118-006Heart Valves#118-006 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Blood enters the heart from the body through the right atria, through the tricuspid valve to the right ventricle. Blood then ...

 View Image #183-006Heart Valves#183-006 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Artificial valves for the heart.
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