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 View Image #152-007Chronic Connective Tissue Pathology#152-007 
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Shows a section of the skin with a chronic connective tissue pathology.

 View Image #130N-08342Chronic Neck Pain - Cervical Nerve Block Injection#130N-08342 
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Chronic Neck Pain - Cervical Nerve Block Injection. Used for the relief of chronic neck and arm pain from intervertebral disc...

 View Image #156-079Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease#156-079 
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Also available as normal lungs. To view similar images and animations view our portfolio or web site.

 View Image #101-076Chronic Renal Failure - CRF#101-076 
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Chronic renal failure or CRF showing is a progressive loss of nephron function which ultimately causes the kidneys to lose th...

 View Image #114-150Circle of Friends#114-150 
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Little girls dance around a snowman.

 View Image #231-250Circle of Willis#231-250 
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Circle of Willis in relation to the brain and brainstem, inferior view

 View Image #105-015Circulation - Heart and Lung#105-015 
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Heart and lung circulation, showing heart, lungs and major vessels of upper body. Also shows lungs, veins and arteries. Custo...

 View Image #100-128Circulation - Kidney#100-128 
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Glass figure shows circulatory system. In evidence are the heart and kidneys. Also visible are the pelvis and hips.

 View Image #135-066Circulation in heart, lungs, abdomen & legs#135-066 
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Figure showing circulation and oxygenation of blood in heart & lungs & Veins from inferior vena cava to legs; arteries and ve...

 View Image #175-035Circulation of Cerebrospinal fluid#175-035 
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medial surface of brain/ cerebrum showing ventricles, cerebellum, corpus callosum, pituitary, subarachnoid spaces,dura mater,...

 View Image #135-087Circulation through Chambers of Heart,Pericardial Sac#135-087 
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Heart with pericardial sac enveloping it. Circulation through chambers of the heart, atria and ventricles, great vessels. Can...

 View Image #111-080Circulation: Vascular Network with Figure#111-080 
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Glowing silhouette of male figure over a network of blood vessels. Commercial requests only. Minimum license fee is $300. No ...

 View Image #130-01975Circulatory (Cardiovascular) System#130-01975 
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Accurately depicts the circulatory, or cardiovascular, system. Labels for heart and arteries: internal carotid, external caro...

 View Image #130-00127Circulatory (Cardiovascular) System of Newborn Infant#130-00127 
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Circulatory (Cardiovascular) System of Newborn Infant. May be customized by editing labels, or by combining artwork with grap...

 View Image #152-042Circulatory System#152-042 
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Shows the human circulatory system.
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