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 View Image #130-01237Coronary Artery Disease#130-01237 
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Coronary Artery Disease with Blockage Sites. Accurately depicts four stages of pre-operative coronary artery disease. An orie...

 View Image #130N-03798Coronary Artery Disease#130N-03798 
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Coronary Artery Disease. This medical exhibit pictures an anterior (front) view of the heart and coronary arteries. A second ...

 View Image #130-00234Coronary Artery Disease (Arterial Dissection)#130-00234 
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Coronary Artery Disease (Arterial Dissection). Compares normal heart anatomy with one displaying ventricle damage caused by a...

 View Image #203-018Coronary Artery Inflammation#203-018 
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Editorial illustration of heart and coronary artery in cross section with focus on inflammation process in artery.

 View Image #182-078Coronary Bypass#182-078 
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Extreme close up view of vein graft being sutured to right coronary artery.

 View Image #294-008Coronary Bypass Graft#294-008 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
This illustration depicts a coronary bypass graft performed to re-route blood around an artery blocked by atherosclerotic pla...

 View Image #111-089Coronary Clot Formation / Myocardial Infarction#111-089 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Stunning view of heart muscle and coronary artery coming toward the viewer in perspective, showing plaque build-up in artery ...

 View Image #156-138Coronary Heart Disease#156-138 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Dramatic view of coronary artery disease. To view similar images and animations view our portfolio or web site.

 View Image #156-140Coronary Heart Disease#156-140 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Conceptual image of a stressed person tighroping on a EKG rope, trying to balance himself without falling. Below is a landsca...

 View Image #156-017Coronary Heart Disease#156-017 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Coronary Heart Disease. Cross section of coronary artery with plaque. To view similar images and animations view our portfoli...

 View Image #237-007Coronary Heart Disease#237-007 
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Build up of fatty deposits in the coronary artery.

 View Image #100-076Coronary Heart Disease#100-076 
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Study reveals a graded increase in coronary heart disease events as triglycerides increase from less than 200 mg/ deciliter t...

 View Image #156-204Coronary Heart Disease#156-204 
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 View Image #156-174Coronary Heart Disease#156-174 
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All images can be modified by us to suit your needs. All images also available as separate images. To view similar images and...

 View Image #114-032Coronary Heart Disease - Risk Factors of#114-032 
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Lifestyle risks that can lead to coronary heart disease and plaque buildup include cigarette smoking, diet, alcohol and lack ...
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