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Image Number: 231-034
Dimensions: 8.5"X11" @ 300dpi
Media Used: 3D/Photoshop
Formats Available: Digital
Title: Cerebrum
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Cerebrum with colors showing gyri that make up different regions of the cerebral cortex.

© Argosy
Artist/Company Bio:
Argosy′s award winning staff is a leading provider of multimedia solutions to the medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, consumer products, television, and educational communities. Our medical animation, illustration, and programming style and methodologies have produced outstanding results for clients for the past 16 years.

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Cerebrum with colors showing gyri that make up different regions of the cerebral cortex.

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This image depicts the lobes and functional areas of the cerebrum. Labels may be removes or added and insets may be used separately or in conjunction with one another.

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Medical illustration stylistically depicting normal anatomy of a human brain (rendered blue) floating in space over an abstract grid ground plane, seen from an oblique view which shows mostly the right cerebral hemisphere, featuring primarily the frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes of the cerebrum / cerebral cortex. A portion of the cerebellum is also showing just below the cerebrum.

Commercial / professional usage requests only. Use of image requires payment of licensing fees; no royalty free requests.

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Cerebellum and a cross section of the cerebrum and brain stem

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Normal brain seen from a lateral superficial view showing pons, brain stem, gyri and sulci, medulla, cerebellum and cerebrum

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