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Back Stretch

Back Stretch


Back Stretch
Image Number: 207-024
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Title: Back Stretch
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Image Description:  One of a series of exercise illustrations: demonstrates back stretch

© Charles Boyter
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Back Stretch

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One of a series of exercise illustrations: demonstrates back stretch

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Floor exercise showing kneeling back stretch

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Seated and supine stretches to ease lower back/lumbar pain in pregnant women.

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Shows woman with hands on waist bending and stretching her back. Neck is extended. One in a series.

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Kidney, Heart, Aorta and vessels Locations.Certain sleeping positions can trigger back pain by causing poor alignment of the spine and the back muscles being disproportionately stretched. The curve of the lower back gets extended unduly and there is stress on the neck muscles as well, for those that like to rest on their stomach, thus triggering off back pain while sleeping. The ideal sleeping position to be maintained for all suffering from back pain is one that allows the natural curves of the spine to be supported while sleeping. Recommendations for easing the problem It would be comforting for people suffering from back pain to sleep on a firm mattress or use a bed board; while sleeping on the side, put a pillow under the head and one between your legs before bending your knees. This posture has eased the discomfort of many suffering from back pain while sleeping. If turning to sleep on the stomach, then one pillow should be placed under the abdomen and none under the head to maintain good sleeping posture. The back pain while sleeping can extend to the morning at times too and can be helped by some relaxing, stretching exercises to relieve the soreness. Such a person is required to lay on their back with a small pillow under the head and a couple of large ones below the knees and concentrate on relaxing the back muscles for 15-20 minutes. Then the pillows from under the knee should be gently removed while the knees stay bent; next step being to pull up the legs slowly, one at a time, to the chest, hold for a count of 5 seconds and for about three repetitions for each leg. Ending off would require both legs being pulled up to the chest at the same time thrice. The next exercise would require the person to roll over on all fours with hands and knees apart at shoulder width, then gently lifting the head and curving the lower back towards the floor; hold for a few seconds then reverse the motion, akin to a cat's actions- lower your head and curve your back towards the ceiling. Alternating these positions for 6 repetitions would help in relieving the soreness resulting from back pain while sleeping. For those that got the condition because they fell asleep sitting, it is recommended that they place a pillow in the small of the back for support which will help them sit better, with a degree of comfort.

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