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Reptile Chameleon

Reptile Chameleon


Reptile Chameleon
Image Number: 186-158
Dimensions: 20"x18"@300dpi
Media Used: acrylic/pencil
Formats Available: digital/reflective
Title: Reptile Chameleon
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Reptile, chameleon shown in tree branch looking at prey below.

© Bonnie Hofkin
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Reptile Chameleon

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Reptile, chameleon shown in tree branch looking at prey below.

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Comparison of modern mammal skull to early mammal like reptile (cynodont) showing jaw joint shifting and modifiying to a later position "inside the ear". Angular, articular, and quadrate bones of reptile become modified into ear structures. Image is customizable

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This reptile was created as part of a hypothetical food web from the Jurassic Period of the Oxfor Clay of England, reconstructed form current scientific evidence.

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