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Image Number: 186-070
Dimensions: 12 x 9 @ 300 dpi
Media Used: Acrylic, Pencil
Formats Available: Digital, Reflec,
Title: Neonate
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Hands holding a small neonate or premature baby.

© Bonnie Hofkin
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Hands holding a small neonate or premature baby.

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Illustration of correct forceps delivery with normal bilateral marks on the neonate's face.

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Hydrops fetalis typical presentation is shown in a newborn baby. The typical placenta is depicted. The skin has edema and the abdomen exhibits ascites, there is pleural effusion, sclerema, and enlarged liver, spleen, and head circumference.

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Baby with brain in axial section showing normal neonatal cerebrospinal fluid, hemorrhagic stroke, and hydrocephalus. Trauma or high blood pressure can lead to stroke and hydrocephalus in the perinatal period.

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