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Bone Marrow

Bone Marrow


Bone Marrow
Image Number: 152-033
Media Used: MIxed
Formats Available: Digital, Trans
Title: Bone Marrow
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Shows bone marrow.

© Isabel Christensen, Medical Ar
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Bone Marrow

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Shows bone marrow.

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Cellular view of bone marrow showing differentiating blood cells.

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Microscopic view of bone marrow and developing blood cells.

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Bone marrow and hematologic abnormalities can occur in the course of many infectious diseases, especially HIV (AIDS) infection. These include hypercellularity, myelofibrosis, anemia, and presence of pathologic RBCs (red blood cells). Shown is a long bone (tibia) with abnormal blood elements present in infection exploding toward the viewer. Commercial requests only. No classroom or student inquiries will be answered. Minimum license fee is $300. Copyright Teri J. McDermott

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Long bone internal and external anatomy, Epiphysis, Diaphysis, Epiphysis.

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