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Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic Contact Dermatitis


Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Image Number: 152-008
Media Used: MIxed
Formats Available: Digital, Trans
Title: Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Shows a section of the skin with an allergic contact dermatitis.

© Isabel Christensen, Medical Ar
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Allergic Contact Dermatitis

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Shows a section of the skin with an allergic contact dermatitis.

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Allergic Reaction. Type 1 hypersensitivity is an allergic reaction provoked by reexposure to a specific type of antigen referred to as an allergen.[3] Exposure may be by ingestion, inhalation, injection, or direct contact. The difference between a normal immune response and a type I hypersensitive response is that plasma cells secrete IgE. This class of antibodies binds to Fc receptors on the surface of tissue mast cells and blood basophils. Mast cells and basophils coated by IgE are "sensitized." Later exposure to the same allergen, cross-links the bound IgE on sensitized cells resulting in degranulation and the secretion of pharmacologically active mediators such as [[mastcell ]], leukotriene, and prostaglandin that act on the surrounding tissues. The principal effects of these products are vasodilation and smooth-muscle contraction. The reaction may be either local or systemic. Symptoms vary from mild irritation to sudden death from anaphylactic shock. Treatment usually involves epinephrine, antihistamines, and corticosteroids. If the entire body gets involved, then anaphylaxis can take place; an acute, systemic reaction that can prove fatal.

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Allergic Rhinitis: Image of man showing lungs and airway effected by allergic rhinitis.

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View of allergic rhinitis

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Cellular events tell the story of extreme allergic response (anaphylactic shock) to an allergen such as pollen. Commercial requests only. Minimum license fee is $300. No student or classroom requests will be answered. Copyright Teri J. McDermott

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