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Sigmoid colon and rectun

Sigmoid colon and rectun


Sigmoid colon and rectun
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Title: Sigmoid colon and rectun
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© Jackie Heda
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Jackie Heda is a board certified member of the Association of Medical Illustrators, has been creating art for science and the healthcare industry for 26 years, and has had her own successful business for the past 24 years.
She is actively involved in the AMI, served on the Board of Governors and currently Co-Chair of the Medical Illustration Source Book Editorial Committee. Jackie earned a Bachelor of Science in biology at Emory University and a Bachelor of Science in Art as Applied to Medicine from the University of Toronto. She has received numerous awards for editorial and advertising art.
From her home-based studio in Charlotte, NC, Jackie provides her services to major medical journals, textbook publishers, pharmaceutical companies, and consumer publications. Her illustrations appear in the publication, Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide (Simon & Schuster, 1999). Jackie art directed and illustrated the 24 page full color section in this book, which was featured on NBC's Today show and was listed as one of the top ten medical books for 1999.

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Sigmoid colon and rectun

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