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Arthritic Hip

Arthritic Hip


Arthritic Hip
Image Number: 123-013
Media Used: Watercolor
Formats Available: Refl., Trans.
Title: Arthritic Hip
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Arthritic hip shown on x-ray.

© Robert J. Demarest
Artist/Company Bio:
Robert J. Demarest

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Arthritic Hip

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Arthritic hip showing deterioration of bone and cartilage at the femoral head of the femur and acetabulum of the hip. Also shown is inset of repair with artificial hip replacement.

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Arthritic hip shown on x-ray.

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The hip joint, phantomed in a female figure. Arthritic hip, other hip anatomy & hip arthroscopy & total hip replacement illustrations also available.

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This medical animation depicts total hip replacement surgery of the left hip. The procedure includes the incision, exposure of the hip joint, placement of the acetabular hip prosthetic component (socket), removal of the arthritic femoral head, and placement of the femoral head prosthesis (ball). This animation may be customized in any way you desire, including adding new footage, labels, voiceover narration, or interactivity.

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Hip,ball and socket joint, anterior view

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