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Cardiac Ultrasound: Heart

Cardiac Ultrasound: Heart


Cardiac Ultrasound: Heart
Image Number: 118-018
Dimensions: 8.5 X 11"
Media Used: Photoshop
Formats Available: Digital
Title: Cardiac Ultrasound: Heart
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Ultrasound of the heart, showing the ultrasound device, the atria, ventricle, septum and heart walls, aorta, superior vena cava, valves, and auricles.

© Catherine Twomey
Artist/Company Bio:
Professional yet creative. Detailed yet capable of understanding and illustrating the most complex concept in the most straightforward way. Deadline oriented and accurate. Producer of some of the most beautifully colored and rendered work found today. Catherine Twomey is a Board Certified member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and a Founding member of the Illustrators Partnership of America. She has had her own successful business creating art for science and the healthcare industry for over 20 years. She has received many Awards of Excellence from the RX/Art Directors Club in New York City, the Association of Medical Illustrators and numerous other venues. Estimates are provided without charge. The stock section of Indexed Visuals carries 75 of Catherine's images available for licensing. Most images are produced in Photoshop layers, making it possible to modify images to fit your needs. Catherine's website at provides more samples and information. Catherine is a graduate of the Medical Illustration/Biomedical Visualization Program of the University of Illinois, B.S. in Biocommunication Arts/Medical Illustration, including U. of I. Medical School Sciences: human gross anatomy, physiology, neuroanatomy, histology, embryology, pathology. She also has a Masters Degree from Northern Illinois University Graduate School, M.S. in Art Education, Summa Cum Laude. Catherine provides her services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, attorneys, major medical publishers of textbooks and journals, and consumer publications. Her illustrations have appeared worldwide, from every WalMart to the NBC Home show to the largest medical convention, RSNA (Radiogical Society of North America).

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Cardiac Ultrasound: Heart

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Ultrasound of the heart, showing the ultrasound device, the atria, ventricle, septum and heart walls, aorta, superior vena cava, valves, and auricles.

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Accurately depicts the process of cardiac tamponade (hemorrhage within the pericardium) with subsequent ventricular collapse. Shows normal heart and the pericardial sac (pericardium). Progression of tamponade: 1. Normal heart, ventricles, pericardial space and pericardial sac; 2. Initial condition with blood hemorrhaging between the heart wall and the pericardial sac; 3. Ultimate condition with the collapse of the ventricles and the blood stopping the heart from beating May be customized by editing labels, or by combining artwork with graphics from our 15,000 image library.

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This illustration depicts a technique for acquiring an ultrasound image of the heart and displays the resulting ultrasound view. Labels may be removed and images may be rearranged upon request.

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Cross-section of the heart against a grid, showing valves and conduction system. Atrial fibrillation and events leading to myocardial infarction result in sudden cardiac death. Commercial requests only. No student or classroom inquiries will be answered. Minimum license fee is $300. Copyright Teri J. McDermott

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