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Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy


Hormone Therapy
Image Number: 114-087
Dimensions: 6.25 x 9 @ 300 dpi
Media Used: Photoshop
Formats Available: Digital
Title: Hormone Therapy
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Hormone therapy inhibits testosterone production by Leydig cells.

© Sam or Amy Collins, Art and Sc
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Hormone Therapy

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Hormone therapy inhibits testosterone production by Leydig cells.

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Adverse and beneficial effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy are illustrated. Increased risk of stroke, heart attack, breast cancer and blood clots. Benefits include fewer hip fractures and less colon cancer.

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Dramatic classical Greek statue with female reproductive organs, heart, pelvis and brain superimposed. Hot flushes are depicted as flames in the background. Low dose HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can be very effective in reducing menopausal hot flushes while protecting the heart and bones. Commercial requests only. No student or classroom inquiries will be answered. Minimum license fee is $300. Copyright Teri J. McDermott.

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The relationship between gonadal, adrenal, and thyroid hormones and psychiatric illness

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Central sketch of menopausal woman, surrounded by organs at risk for disease during HRT therapy years: breast (for breast cancer), bone (osteoporosis), uterus and ovary (cancer), heart (MI) and coronary/peripheral vascular disease. Commercial requests only. No classroom or student inquiries will be answered. No request under $300 will be considered. ŠTeri J. McDermott

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