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Congestive Heart Failure, CHF

Congestive Heart Failure, CHF


Congestive Heart Failure, CHF
Image Number: 101-094
Dimensions: 8x10@300dpi
Media Used: airbrush and photoshop
Formats Available: digital
Title: Congestive Heart Failure, CHF
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Congestive Heart Failure. CHF

© Bert Oppenheim
Artist/Company Bio:
Bert received his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Medical Illustration and a Masters Degree from the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has been an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators for 20 years and recently completed a 4 year term on the Board of Governors. He currently lives outside of Boston where he maintains his freelance illustration and animation business. Specialties include editorial illustration and 3D computer animation for the pharmaceutical and advertising markets. Over the past 14 years Bert has created high-end 3D computer animation using Softimage on an SGI platform.

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Congestive Heart Failure, CHF

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Congestive Heart Failure. CHF

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Heart with filled chambers as in congestive heart failure. Background of capillary/venous network, also congested. Minimum license fee is $300. Commercial requests only. No classroom or student inquries will be answered. Copyright Teri J. McDermott

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Left ventricle does not empty completely and pressure backs up into the pulmonary circulation causing congestive heart failure.

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Normal and remodeled heart, as in congestive heart failure, is shown in this colorful montage which includes a chest X-ray, an echocardiogram, and an angiogram. Components of this illustration are also available individually. Commercial requests only. No student or classroom inquiries will be answered. Minimum license fee is $300. Copyright Teri J. McDermott

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Mitral Valve Stenosis, Heart - Close-up of the heart's left side showing mitral valve stenosis. Valve leaflets have thickened and the chordae tendineae are shortened. Such stenosis is the leading cause of congestive heart failure (CHF) in developing countries. Labels can be removed.

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