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Brain - cross section

Brain - cross section


Brain - cross section
Image Number: 101-009
Dimensions: 4 in. x 3 in.
Media Used: Airbrush and Colored Pencil
Formats Available: Reflective,Digital File
Title: Brain - cross section
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Illustrates a cross section view of the brain with emphasis on the Pons.

© Bert Oppenheim
Artist/Company Bio:
Bert received his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Medical Illustration and a Masters Degree from the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has been an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators for 20 years and recently completed a 4 year term on the Board of Governors. He currently lives outside of Boston where he maintains his freelance illustration and animation business. Specialties include editorial illustration and 3D computer animation for the pharmaceutical and advertising markets. Over the past 14 years Bert has created high-end 3D computer animation using Softimage on an SGI platform.

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Brain - cross section

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Cross section of human brain also showing face or head.

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Illustrates a cross section view of the brain with emphasis on the Pons.

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Medical illustration depicting normal anatomy of the human brain, featuring a mid-brain vertical / coronal section / cross section cutaway view superimposed over a lateral view of the brain within a silhouette of a head. The cross section view is cut through the middle of the cerebrum, the diencephalon and a portion of the midbrain just above the pons. It is fully detailed, showing the cerebral cortex / gray matter with its gyrus formations, white matter / nerve fiber tracts, internal capsule, corpus callosum, third ventricle, fornix, lateral ventricle, thalamus, most basal ganglia / telencephalic nuclei (caudate, putamen, globus pallidus, claustrum, subthalamic nuclei and others), parietal lobe, insula and temporal lobe including the pes hippocampus. The lateral view is anatomically positioned within the head silhouette and shows the cerebrum, most of the cerebellum, the pons, brainstem and spinal cord.

Commercial / professional usage requests only. Use of image requires payment of licensing fees; no royalty free requests.

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