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Unlike other services, Indexed Visuals does not sell images directly.  Images showcased on IV's websites are owned by the artists who created them and protected by US and International Copyright.

To purchase an image or commission new images or even request modifications to stock images (something not available through other stock services), simply navigate to a portfolio or stock image of choice and contact the artist directly.  It's that simple.  For stock images, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page containing the image of interest or click on the red "artist info" button to view contact information for that artist/ company.

Image pricing is based on usage.  Images listed in IV's stock database or on artists portfolios are not royalty free, free, or clip art.  These images are produced by some of the leading talents in the profession.  When requesting a pricing quote, please provide artists as much information on the intended usage of the image.  Pricing is calculated based on a series of industry standard guidelines developed for commercial usage of general and technical illustrations, photography and animation.  A host of variable can make prices vary, so provide artists as much information as possible.

High quality unique and accurate imagery is an investment in the success of your project.  Research shows investment in the creation and licensing of high quality imagery significantly improves the effectiveness and overall success of your marketing, promotional or educational materials.

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