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Tina Pavlatos - Visual Anatomy Limited
Tina Pavlatos Visual Anatomy Limited
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Visual Anatomy is a professional medical illustration studio located in Springfield, Ohio. Visual Anatomy was started in 2000 by Tina Pavlatos a medical illustrator. With over 5 years experience in the Medical Illustration field we work with publishers, medical journals, attorneys and physcian all over the country. Visual Anatomy specializes in patient education, editorial, anatomical and medical legal illustrations. Clients enjoy our accurate, uncluttered style and our easy to work with illustrators. Illustrations are primarily computer generated and available in black and white or color. We create everything from simple diagrams and charts to complex illustrations. Call today to see what Visual Anatomy can do for your next project.

We also design and manufacture a charming line of anatomically correct chocolates. We currently feature heart, lungs, brain, vertebrae, kidney and eye designs. Each piece is hand molded in the finest chocolate. They are as delicious as they are fun and unique. Visit for photos, decriptions and ordering information.

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