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- Company Information -

Indexed Visuals, Inc., changing the way artists market.

Indexed Visuals, Inc., headquartered in Chesterland, Ohio, is led by its founders Wayne E. Heim and Bert Oppenheim. 

IV's network of services provides artists and companies with the vital resources and tools necessary to compete in today's global marketplace.  Key principles of IV involve an artist's or image marketer's ability to service clients directly and maintain personal control over pricing, usage and distribution of their personal or managed intellectual properties.  

Typical visitors to IV include medical marketers, publishers, law firms, ad agencies, museums, graphic designers along with educational traffic like physicians, med students, residents, researchers, and the lay community interested in visual based information on the sciences. 

It's no accident that qualified art buyers come to this site. An extensive ad campaign targets them with print advertising, internet advertising, direct mail and publicity. Traffic to this site continues to grow to over 30,000 visitors a month
IV-Art, a one-of-a-kind directory of Science, Medicine, and Nature art.  Buyers browse and purchase never-before available artists prints, signed artists proofs, and for those looking for unique gift ideas, IVGear offers shirts, mugs, and mouse pads with artists images.  IV-Art is a turn-key operation streamlining the process needed by artists to access these lucrative consumer market.
Visual resources and information for educational and personal
applications. Convenient reference for medical, science and nature
slides, textbooks, posters, clip art, software, information portals and virtually
any visual reference relating to medical/science/nature disciplines.

Artists, academic departments, institutions and commercial companies economically display and sell their stock image collections in a user-friendly searchable database, exposing them to art buyers around the world!  You control the sale of your images! Unlike traditional stock services, IV offers participants unprecedented control over their images and negotiations. Art buyers deal directly with artists or institutions, so them set your own pricing and usage policies.

Our unique service allowing artists and companies to display portfolios in our searchable database to attract buyers seeking to commission artwork. Portfolios are easily created and modified from any computer with a Java-enabled browser.

Created by medical artists for medical artists, Indexed Visuals,  will change the economics of the medical illustration industry and provide artists and organizations extraordinary business opportunities.

- Management -

Chairman & CEO
Wayne E. Heim, BFA, CMI

Mr. Heim is the creator and founding member of Indexed Visuals, Inc. He is a board-certified medical illustrator and has been an active member in the Association of Medical Illustrators since 1993. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in medical illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art/Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

He was the most recent Committee Chairman for Corporate Sponsorship for the Association of Medical Illustrators, and an accomplished educational workshop presenter/lecturer.

He is currently serving as a member of the Board of Governors of the Association of Medical Illustrators.


Bert S. Oppenheim, BFA, MA

Mr. Oppenheim received his BFA in Medical Illustration from The Cleveland Institute of Art and his Master's Degree in Medical and Biological Illustration from The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Director of Strategic Marketing
William B. Westwood, MS, CMI

Mr. Westwood, a board-certified medical illustrator.  He is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, School of Medical Illustration and former staff medical illustrator at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Mr. Westwood is a Past President of the Association of Medical Illustrators and was elected member of the Board of Governors for two, five-year terms. He is a nationally recognized speaker in the field of medical illustration, and an internationally recognized illustrator.  His illustrations have won over 35 awards for excellence. Most notably he is the creator and past editor of the Medical Illustration Source Book.



- Advisory Board -

Donald E. Biggerstaff, MS, CMI, FAMI Marcia Hartsock, BFA, CMI, FAMI
Robert J. Demarest Joan Beck


For more information, please contact IV toll-free at:  
1-866-4-IVPICS (1-866-448-7427) or

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